Our mission is to keep things as simple as possible for as long as possible, and this mission extends to pricing and plans.

Try it before you buy it

First of all, if you don't have a todo.space account yet — sign up and you will get a free trial of the Team Plan to try all the features available in todo.space for 30 days. You can sign up with just one click right here. No credit card required.

Free Plan

Our free plan comes without limits on the number of projects, boards and tasks you can create, and collaborators you can invite. Bring your friends, do things together.

Free plan has all the essential views for a highly efficient workflow — Kanban, Planning, Status and To-Do List views. Also, you get project health feedback provided through the Project Status Indicator.

Individual Plan

There are pretty much three reasons to upgrade to the Individual Plan:

  1. You want to attach files to tasks instead of having links to DropBox or Google Drive.
  2. You want to invite collaborators but you want to make sure they don't mess up anything that you (or other collaborators) have created — there is that Safe Project toggle in the paid plan.
  3. You became a power user. As a power user, you know when to extract subprojects or link external projects, when to slice the project and archive old tasks and why to use a Burndown chart. As a power user, you can also re-use your previous work and create new projects by cloning the existing ones. At this point, you may already have many old projects that you don't want to lose forever by deleting them but would rather archive them. If you are a power user, this plan is for you.

Team Plan

The easy way of thinking about the Team Plan is three words — Controls and Spreadsheets. Controls around roles, access and security. Read more about Teams in our onboarding guide. It's The Policies and Controls that make you enforce MFA authentication in the company. The same about Git Integration that is also included in the Team Plan — it is required for the Infosec reasons as a tool to ensure that all changes to the codebase are tied to specific tasks.

As I wrote in my blog post, we love spreadsheets and we will never try to replace them. Instead, todo.space gives you everything you need to manage your project without having to ask "what's the status" ever again — including the cost of work done and time spent, and more, including aggregated to-do list for all projects.

However, should you need to produce a custom report or build your own projections over historical data, todo.space gives you the ability to easily export your entire project (or a part of it) as an Excel spreadsheet with all the data.

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