You get overwhelmed when working on several projects not because they have different objectives and you have to switch contexts but because you work on too many tasks at the same time. As a result, you switch contexts too often which doesn't let you focus and achieve that productive state of flow. Instead, you feel drained and exhausted, with little work done.

See, the thing is — you don't really work on projects. You actually work on tasks — these are the units of work. Very often, you multitask already on the project level. Say you work on two tasks per project and have three projects — that's already six tasks at the same time!

3 tasks, 3 projects

How conscious are you of your actual workload? Most people think they have a couple of tasks here in this project and a couple there, in that other project, and "just a few" more. They don't realize they actually have too much on their plate. It's almost like they ate all the appetizers and there is no room for the main course (forget the dessert!). limits the size of your plate per project — by allowing only three tasks in progress per person per project. We don't plan to change that but we've released a new feature — the global to-do list. It aggregates to-do lists from all your projects into one to-do list — so you can see how much is really on your plate, and for your team. How much work is planned for you personally in the entire organization — not just in individual projects.

Global to-do list